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The Gun Shop Show #40 Reloading Down Under

by | Jan 2, 2021 | Episodes

Kevin Whitehead, owner & inventor of the Rollsizer joins us to discuss reloading as well as the #pewlife in Australia. The ATF withdraws their recent letter of objective factors for classifying weapons….for now.


  • Kevin Whitehead
    • Owner & inventor of the Rollsizer, a machine that removes the bulge in the base of a fired case to bring the case back into specification to allow reloading. A consulting mechanical engineer with 30 years experience specializing in engineering investigations, fault finding and very much out of the box designs. The rollsizer was designed as a result of an on-going Nosediving problem, mainly due to the incorrect case shape created in reloaded 357SIG, the only acceptable IPSC major calibre in Australia. The standard dies and undersized dies could not work. Tried a variety of “other” options, none of which were acceptable or consistent. So I designed my own.
    • Rollsizer
    • Rollsizer Explained


Mounted firearms 

  • Savage 1899 Takedown .250-3000
  • Remington Woodmaster 740 .280
  • Arisaka Type 99 7.7×58
  • Inland M1 30 Carbine
  • Navy Arms Uberti 66 Carbine .44-40
  • CAI Romanian/Cugir PSL-54C 7.62×54

Consignment of the Week

  • M1A Socom 7.62×51 Win