The Gun Shop Show #51 Roundtable Gun Reviews

by | Mar 20, 2021 | Episodes

Weather warmed up so a trip to the range was essential! We took several firearms to the range, including the Baretta APX 9mm, Taurus G2C 9mm, Standard Manufacturing Thunderstruck 22 MAG, Springfield Hellcat w/ SMSc Red Dot 9mm, & Citadel Boss 25 Semi-Automatic 12ga. Eli plays the sip game, Logan hears voices at the range, & Trevor learns when to drop the mic.

Firearms fired in this episode 

  • Beretta APX 9MM
  • Taurus G2C 9MM
  • Standard Manufacturing Thunderstruck 22 MAG
  • Springfield Hellcat w/ SMSc Red Dot 9mm
  • Citadel Boss 25 12ga

Mounted Firearms in this episode 

  • Bergara Premier Mountain 300 PRC
  • Winchester Model 94 30-30 win
  • Springfield Saint AR 5.56 Nato
  • Savage B22 22WMR
  • Ruger Mini 14 223 Rem


  • Clinton Ray Garrison is the winner of the CROSSBOW