The Gun Shop Show #52 Mass Shooting in Boulder

by | Mar 27, 2021 | Episodes

Mass shootings in Boulder, CO and Atlanta spur a conversation on the topic. Randy Miyan, executive director of Liberal Gun Owners; Mike Sodini, founder of Walk the Talk America; & Rob Pincus, Executive VP of, Boulder-area resident, and professional defense instructor join to discuss.


Randy Miyan is the Executive Director of Liberal Gun Owners 

Mike Sodini, Walk the Talk America

Rob Pincus, Executive VP of the Second Amendment Organization, author, & entrepreneur 


Mounted firearms 

  • Stevens 555 12ga
  • Savage 110 Predator 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Ruger 1 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Ruger Mini-14 5.56mm
  • LWRC DI 5.56 Nato
  • S&W Shield Plus 9mm
  • Sig P210 9mm
  • Ruger Bearcat 22lr


  • EJ Bognear is the winner of the BEARMAN DERRINGER LONG BORE 38 SPECIAL