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The Gun Shop Show #33 Samuel Colt

by | Nov 14, 2020 | Episodes

Samuel Colt, the exceptional entrepreneur and inventor, altered the course of time with the advent of the revolver. Colt’s invention and subsequent business tactics affected the development of the American West, the American Civil War, as well as inspiring other firearm manufacturers, including but not limited to, Smith & Wesson. Fellow Liberty Tree Guns member, Tom,  joins us to discuss his knowledge and appreciation of Colt mfg. Logan completes his transformation and we find out what makes Eli check out.


Tom Ales – Liberty Tree Guns Customer Support and Ecommerce Specialist

Featured firearms 

  • Austria Steyr Mannlicher Carbine 8x56R
  • Inland .30 Carbine
  • Henry Single Shot Brass 45-70
  • Browning X-Bolt Medallion White Gold 243 Win
  • Muzzle Loader Percussion Hammer Rifle .54
  • Crickett KSA 22LR
  • Colt LE6940 5.56/.223
  • Colt Series 70 SS 45acp
  • Colt 100th Anniversary Edition 45acp



  • Cassie Shafer, Michael Tubbs, Julie Johnston, Rick Ford, Jeff Leitner, Amanda Mae, Dan Gill, LuLu Comer, Mike Ray, Michel B Green each are winners of the a $10 gift card to Liberty Tree Guns