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The Gun Shop Show #42 Relax, It’s Justin Opinion

by | Jan 16, 2021 | Episodes

Justin Opinion joins us to discuss his life as a firearm content creator and reviewer. IBM takes up the challenge of organizing Canada’s buyback program.  A trip through the store yields us a lesson on how we determine the choke of a shotgun.  Consignment of the Week brings us some novelty military firepower. 


  • “Justin Opinion” is a prolific YouTube firearm reviewer/content creator and contributor to Guns America Digest as well as American Handgunner. With over 600 videos to date, his mission is to be first and foremost a positive influence and a good ambassador of shooting sports, firearms, related gear and products, etc who tries not to be taken too seriously. A certified instructor and range safety officer who enjoys the shooting sports, he uses his experiences and those of his friends to apply a real-world perspective to reviews. 
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Consignments of the Week 

  • Ruger Red Label 12ga
  • AT4 Trainer Rocket Launcher

Other featured firearms