The Gun Shop Show #54 Big Gov Knows Best

by | Apr 10, 2021 | Episodes


Kevin Dixie, owner/operator of No Other Choice (NOC) Firearms Training & member of the Second Amendment Organization’s ( Board of Directors.

Mounted Firearms 

  • Spanish Fabrica de Armas La Coruna 8mm Mauser
  • ATI Bulldog SGA 12ga
  • Mossberg SA-20 All Purpose Youth 20ga
  • Springfield M1A 308win
  • Savage Rascal Youth 22lr
  • Wilson Combat EDC X9S 9mm
  • S&W M&P PC M2.0 Pro 9mm
  • Springfield XD 9mm
  • Heritage Rough Rider 22lr/22wmr


  • David Pritchard is the winner of the $50 Gift Card